Outreach: Nigeria

Connection:            June & December 2015, July 2016, July 2017; planned visit in December 2017

 Edna and Alfred Ubadong have now traveled four times to the villages of Onicha Uboma, Nigeria. In total, they have trained 25 volunteer Health Assistants, distributing vitamins and basic health supplies. On her second and subsequent visits, Edna was able to follow up on initial training, affirm compliance, and sponsor a health fair, drawing great crowds from far and wide. A second health fair was held in the summer of 2017.


Status:            With 25 volunteer Health Assistants now trained in 7 villages of Uboma, our contacts are able to track basic interactions, and gather data to help us evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the outreach.

Edna has had requests from the village of Kiama, Kwana to expand this training there, training more volunteer Health Assistants to support that village. Please pray for support for a trip that will allow this.

Need:            Please pray by name for Felicia (lead) and Cecelia (assistant) and for all the Health Assistants who have volunteered for training.

Please pray for continued support for this outreach, especially the planned trip for December 2017.

Pray for financial support to provide ‘token’ Christmas gifts of appreciation for our Health Assistants.

Through the generosity of a local partner sponsor in Uboma we have been able to support two Health Fairs for villages in Nigeria. Please pray that we will find local partner sponsors in other villages to help us spread our reach even further.