Christian Health Outreach Operational Model

Christian Health Outreach operates on a “train the trainer” model:

We provide information (not personnel)

We train local residents – volunteers with an investment in their community – in basic public healthand safety techniques. (This is not nursing or EMS training!) These are
lessons in sanitation, handwashing, oral hygiene, cleanliness and wellness. Most US children learn these lessons at home, and they are reinforced in our schools.


It is our prayer that by teaching, and empowering these community leaders to in turn teach their families and villages the importance of basic public health skills – skills that we take for granted – we can help new generations live healthier, more productive lives, to the glory of God.





Lessons available, in English, and to be translated to local languages:

  • handwashing
  • first aid and safety
  • malaria
  • cholera
  • ebola
  • typhoid

In addition we have pamphlets on Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and parasitic worms ready to translate and distribute for aid in teaching. More are constantly in development.


Contaminated and heavily littered conditions demonstrate the need for education and training to ensure safe drinking water